DVA Mesh

Discover the durability of Galvanized Mesh, a versatile solution for a range of applications. Our  mesh is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

The mesh is made of a strong and long-lasting material. It is used in many different ways because it’s really tough and non-corrosive. In this developing world, galvanized mesh is used to make concrete structures stronger and last longer. It’s like adding extra support to keep everything solid and safe. It can also be shaped easily into different forms and sizes. This mesh is also good for making fences that are really strong. It’s used in homes, factories, and shops to keep things secure.

The galvanize mesh’s appearance and functional benefits make it a good choice for creative projects. Being artistic installations and decorative elements. Its enduring nature and low maintenance requirements ensure long-lasting performance. This makes our mesh a valuable asset across a list of industries and projects.

Galvanized Mesh in Black Finish

Galvanized Mesh​
750X2000mm Mesh


Product Code : GM750
750X2000mm Mesh

Galvanized Mesh​
900X2000mm Mesh

Product Code : GM900
900X2000mm Mesh

1200X2000mm Mesh

Product Code : GM1200
1200X2000mm Mesh

750X2400mm Mesh

Product Code : GM7502400
750X2400mm Oversized Mesh

900X2400mm Mesh

Product Code : GM9002400
900X2400mm Oversized Mesh

1200X2400mm Mesh

Product Code : GM12002400
1200X2400mm Oversized Mesh

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