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The sliding window is a traditional design that offers the best ventilation possible for the home. Furthermore, it is space-saving and cost-effective. Additionally, the EDGE range of aluminium sliding windows is available in either single or double glazed options. Moreover, it is low maintenance and easy to slide up. Furthermore, its long-lasting design adds to its incredible functionality, making it an excellent choice for your project.

Being the best aluminium windows supplier in Melbourne, we take great care to ensure that all of our residential and commercial windows are manufactured to give a modern design to your property. Moreover, we offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop service for designing, manufacturing, and the installation of aluminium windows and doors. Additionally, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service throughout the entire process.

Our services are not only available in Berwick, Kew, Wallan, Balwyn, Craigieburn, Tarneit, Cranbourne, Pakenham, Mount Waverly, Wollert, Donnybrook, Doncaster,  Ringwood, Greensborough, Geelong, Ballarat, Eaglemont, Carlton South. However, we also provide our services in East Melbourne, North Melbourne, Hotham Hill, South Wharf, South Yarra, West Melbourne, Coode Island, Fishermans Bend, Royal Park, Kensington, and many more cities in the Melbourne area.

As we hold the title of being the Best Sliding Windows Manufacturer in Melbourne, we are not only committed to providing impeccable services to our clients but also ensuring that we never disappoint you in terms of the quality of our products.

Comet Sliding Window

Entry level sliding window

The Comet Sliding Window is easy to use and affordable. Moreover, it has one fixed pane and one sliding pane that slides along a track inside the window frame, allowing for maximum ventilation. With fewer components, it is highly functional and low in maintenance as well.

Originally limited to single glazing, the Comet Sliding Window has now been expanded to offer double glazing as well. Moreover, a “sub panel” is glazed into the sash and frame, resulting in significantly improved thermal performance.

sliding window manufacturer in Melbourne

Key Features:

  • Boasts a cost-effective design
  • Incorporates a low profile frame and sash
  • Equipped with a lockable window latch
  • Enhanced with a lockable window restrictor
  • Offers optional double glazing adapters


  • Frame size: 38mm height x 48mm depth
  • Single glazing: 4mm – 6.38mm
  • Double glazing: 18mm (with adapter)
  • Sash limit: 24 kg
  • Optional double glazing adapters

AS 2047 tested up to N3

U Value: 4.2 – 6.3
SHGC: 0.43 – 0.73

Comet Sliding Window Profiles

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Comet Sliding Window Hardware

Zeus Sliding Window

High end sliding window

The Zeus Sliding Window adds amazing success against the weather, making it the right choice for any project that requires energy-efficient factors. Furthermore, it remains highly functional and low in maintenance, solidifying the Zeus Sliding Window as the right choice.



  • Dual 100kg Stainless Steel ball bearing rollers
  • Efficient sump sill drainage system
  • Optimal insulation with 18mm double glazing
  • Flexibility of optional sub framing
  • Possibility of corner windows configuration


  • Frame size: 58mm height x 90mm depth
  • Single glazing: 4mm – 6.38mm
  • Double glazing: 18mm

AS 2047 tested up to N4

U Value: 3.5 – 6.3,
SHGC: 0.20 – 0.59

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Zeus Sliding Window Profiles

Awning Windows Manufacturer in Melbourne

Zeus Sliding Window Hardware

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