Office Partitions

We offer a brand new collection of simple, highly adaptable Office Partitions systems. These systems are perfect for offices, and can also be used in medical fit outs and other internal uses. 

Office partition systems are flexible and functional solutions that play a central role in improving workspace layouts and increasing productivity. These systems are mainly designed to efficiently divide open office spaces into different sections. All the while maintaining an open and interactive environment.

Our modern office partition systems easily mix appearance, usefulness, and flexibility. Moreover, they are available in a variety of styles, materials, and arrangements to serve to different office needs. You can choose for glass partitions that promote transparency and natural light flow or soundproof partitions that ensure privacy. These systems can be used to suit any workspace requirement.

One of the most important advantages of our office partition systems is their adaptability. Our partitions can be easily expanded as the business grows. This flexibility not only saves costs but also allows for different changes in response to changing organizational needs. Furthermore, they contribute to efficient space usage, preventing the need for large construction work.

Contact us today! you will see how the Office Partition systems can take your next project to the next level.

64mm Office partition

100mm x 35mm Single Glazed System to suit 64mm stud

The 64mm Office Partition System is a brand new collection of products designed for simple, cost effective internal partitions.
It utilizes a Centre glazed design and can be glazed up to 10.38mm.



  • Suits 64mm stud
  • Internal use only
  • Simple and cost effective design
  • Compatible with 45mm and 38mm hinge doors


  • Frame size: 35mm height x 101mm depth
  • Single glazing: 4mm – 10.8mm
  • Stud size: 64mm

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