Gutter Sill

We introduce you to the innovative concept of the “Gutter Sill.” In the aim of architecture and design, the  stands as a cutting-edge solution specifically tailored for edge windows and doors.

The Gutter Sill is a revolutionary design element strategically integrated into the framework of edge windows and doors. This advanced feature addresses the challenges posed by environmental factors such as rainwater and moisture accumulation. By incorporating a specialized gutter-like structure at the base of the window or door frame, this effectively manages the flow of water, preventing any potential infiltration into the interior spaces.

Moreover, this adds an extra layer of insulation, enhancing energy efficiency and thermal comfort within your spaces. With our  technology, you can confidently embrace the beauty of expansive windows and doors without compromising on functionality or sustainability.

Explore our website to discover the myriad benefits and features of the. Experience the perfect mixture of design and practicality, as we redefine the standards of edge windows and doors with this remarkable innovation.

We offer customization in all our products range, to suit your design exactly.

Gutter Sill

The Gutter Sill is a brand new innovation from EDGE Windows & Doors. It is designed to suit the Titan and Ultramax Apartment Doors, allowing for a level finish with inside and outside flooring, and eliminating any need for steps. A clear anodized grate is placed outside the door and collects runoff water, which runs into it and then out to the storm water drain.
It is available to suit the 2 track (100mm) and 3 track (150mm) Apartment Doors.

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