Commercial Flat Sash

Commercial Flat Sash

 (grade awning)

The Commercial Flat Sash suite is a highly flexible system that can be paired with any of the Centre Glazed or Front Glazed framing systems. The sash overlaps the frame when closed providing great weather protection and sealing. 

Commercial Flat Sash serves as clear evidence of our dedication to manufacturing windows and doors. This not only make commercial buildings look better but also make them work better. Featuring smooth lines and a modern design, this system easily fits into different building styles.  It also brings a touch of elegance to every project.

Built to Last and Perform: Our Flat Sash system is carefully created using top-quality materials and modern manufacturing methods. This guarantees not only a smooth and stylish look but also great strength and opposition to weather. The system’s advanced thermal insulation properties help save energy, making indoor spaces comfy and possibly lowering energy expenses.

Commercial Flat Sash Manufacturer in Melbourne


  • Single and Double Glazing available
  • Add-on hook section for maximum compatibility
  • Combined with all Center Glazed and Front Glazed framing systems
  • Embellished sash for on-site glazing
  • Better sealing and protection from the elements


  • Sash size: 58mm height x 37mm width
  • Single glazing: 6mm – 10.38mm
  • Double glazing: 24mm

Enhance your commercial architecture with the unmatched style and performance of Edge Windows and Doors. Experience the smooth mix of design and innovation, and open the door to a new period of commercial excellence. Along with providing services in Melbourne, We also provide our services in Berwick, Mount Waverly, Doncaster, Ringwood, Balwyn, Kew, Greensborough and many more cities of Melbourne.

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